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Economic Growth and Endogenous Authoritarian Institutions in Post-Reform China (Politics and Development of Contemporary China)

Author Hans H. Tung All books by this author

Publisher Palgrave Macmillan

Publication Date 30 Jan 2019

Binding Kindle Edition

ISBN Unknown

Dimensions Unknown

Weight Unknown

RRP £44.00

This book analyzes the dynamic political economy of authoritarian institutions in China and attempts to answer the following questions: What is the significance of China's authoritarian institutions and the changes Xi Jinping has brought to them? Why did the Chinese elites go along with the changes that affected them negatively? Through these questions, the author unravels the mechanics of authoritarian resilience as well as its dynamics. The work reviews both literatures on China studies and comparative authoritarianism to introduce a general framework for analyzing authoritarian institutional change under dictatorships.

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