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1. Doing and Allowing Harm by Fiona Woollard

Publisher OUP Oxford

Publication Date 25 Apr 2019

Binding Paperback

ISBN 9780198822769

RRP £18.99 Buy From Amazon


2. Philosophers: Their Lives and Works by DK

Publisher DK

Publication Date 05 Sep 2019

Binding Hardcover

ISBN 9780241301722

RRP £20.00 Buy From Amazon


3. Existentialism and Excess: The Life and Times of Jean-Paul Sartre by Gary Cox

Publisher Bloomsbury Academic

Publication Date 27 Jun 2019

Binding Paperback

ISBN 9781350066571

RRP £12.99 Buy From Amazon


4. The Joy of Missing Out: The Art of Self-Restraint in an Age of Excess by Svend Brinkmann

Publisher Polity Press

Publication Date 08 Feb 2019

Binding Paperback

ISBN 9781509531578

RRP £12.99 Buy From Amazon


5. Happy Money: The Japanese Art of Making Peace with Your Money by Ken Honda

Publisher Gallery Books

Publication Date 04 Jun 2019

Binding Hardcover

ISBN 9781501188374

RRP £15.71 Buy From Amazon


6. ThinkingJewellery 2 by Wilhelm Lindemann

Publisher Arnoldsche Art Publishers

Publication Date 27 Feb 2019

Binding Paperback

ISBN 9783897905399

RRP £15.00 Buy From Amazon


7. No Horizon Is So Far: Two Women and Their Historic Journey across Antarctica by Liv Arnesen

Publisher Univ Of Minnesota Press

Publication Date 26 Feb 2019

Binding Paperback

ISBN 9781517907020

RRP £11.99 Buy From Amazon


8. The Right Side of History: How Reason and Moral Purpose Made the West Great by Ben Shapiro

Publisher Broadside Books

Publication Date 30 May 2019

Binding Hardcover

ISBN 9780062857903

RRP £20.00 Buy From Amazon


9. How the World Thinks: A Global History of Philosophy by Julian Baggini

Publisher Granta Books

Publication Date 03 Oct 2019

Binding Paperback

ISBN 9781783782307

RRP £10.16 Buy From Amazon


10. Politics and Aesthetics by Jacques Rancière

Publisher Polity Press

Publication Date 12 Jul 2019

Binding Paperback

ISBN 9781509535026

RRP £9.99 Buy From Amazon


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Search Results Summary
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