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1. Astronomy Photographer of the Year: Collection 7: Celebrating 10 years of the world’s best photography by Royal Observatory Greenwich

Publisher Collins

Publication Date 01 Nov 2018

Binding Hardcover

ISBN 9780008295745

RRP £25.00


2. Space Atlas: Mapping the Universe and Beyond by James Trefil

Publisher National Geographic

Publication Date 29 Nov 2018

Binding Hardcover

ISBN 9781426219696

RRP £30.00


3. A Man on the Moon: The Voyages of the Apollo Astronauts (Penguin Magnum Collection) by Andrew Chaikin

Publisher Michael Joseph

Publication Date 15 Nov 2018

Binding Hardcover

ISBN 9780241363829

RRP £20.00


4. Chasing New Horizons by Alan Stern

Publisher Picador

Publication Date 01 Nov 2018

Binding Hardcover

ISBN 9781250098962

RRP £20.99


5. Out There: A Scientific Guide to Alien Life, Antimatter, and Human Space Travel (For the Cosmically Curious) by Michael Wall

Publisher Grand Central Publishing

Publication Date 2018-12-13

Binding Hardcover

ISBN 9781538729373

RRP £20.00


6. Alice and Bob Meet the Wall of Fire: The Biggest Ideas in Science from Quanta (The MIT Press) by Thomas Lin

Publisher MIT Press

Publication Date 30 Nov 2018

Binding Paperback

ISBN 9780262536349

RRP £14.99


7. Flight Mathematics: Science and Sensibility by Layla Mayboudi

Publisher Mercury Learning & Information

Publication Date 31 Dec 2018

Binding Paperback

ISBN 9781683922155

RRP £47.12


8. Quantum Space: Loop Quantum Gravity and the Search for the Structure of Space, Time, and the Universe by Jim Baggott

Publisher OUP Oxford

Publication Date 22 Nov 2018

Binding Hardcover

ISBN 9780198809111

RRP £20.00


9. The Beginning and the End of Everything: From the Big Bang to the End of the Universe by Paul Parsons

Publisher Michael O'Mara

Publication Date 01 Nov 2018

Binding Hardcover

ISBN 9781782439561

RRP £16.99


10. Hello World: How to be Human in the Age of the Machine by Hannah Fry

Publisher Black Swan

Publication Date 28 Mar 2019

Binding Paperback

ISBN 9781784163068

RRP £8.99


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Search Results Summary
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