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1. Astrophysics for People in a Hurry by Neil Degrasse Tyson

Publisher W. W. Norton & Company

Publication Date 02 Jun 2017

Binding Hardcover

ISBN 9780393609394

RRP £14.99


2. The Not So Subtle Art of Being a Fat Girl: Loving the Skin You're In by Tess Holliday

Publisher BLINK Publishing

Publication Date 24 Aug 2017

Binding Paperback

ISBN 9781911274773

RRP £12.99


3. The Mixer by Michael Cox

Publisher HarperSport

Publication Date 01 Jun 2017

Binding Hardcover

ISBN 9780008215545

RRP £16.99


4. All Out War: The Full Story of How Brexit Sank Britain’s Political Class by Tim Shipman

Publisher William Collins

Publication Date 01 Jun 2017

Binding Paperback

ISBN 9780008215170

RRP £9.99


5. I've Got This Round: More Boozy Misadventures & Tales of Debauchery by Mamrie Hart

Publisher Plume Books

Publication Date 06 Feb 2018

Binding Hardcover

ISBN 9780525533603

RRP £18.69


6. I Can’t Believe You Just Said That: The truth about why people are SO rude by Danny Wallace

Publisher Ebury Press

Publication Date 15 Jun 2017

Binding Paperback

ISBN 9780091919047

RRP £12.99


7. The Matter of the Heart: A History of the Heart in Eleven Operations by Thomas Morris

Publisher Bodley Head

Publication Date 01 Jun 2017

Binding Hardcover

ISBN 9781847923912

RRP £20.00


8. Scale: The Universal Laws of Life and Death in Organisms, Cities and Companies by Geoffrey West

Publisher W&N

Publication Date 17 May 2018

Binding Paperback

ISBN 9781780225593

RRP £8.99


9. The Integrated Nervous System: A Systematic Diagnostic Case-Based Approach, Second Edition by Walter J. Hendelman

Publisher CRC Press

Publication Date 19 Jul 2017

Binding Paperback

ISBN 9781466595934

RRP £76.00


10. Cruel to Be Kind: Saying no can save a child’s life by Cathy Glass

Publisher Harper Element

Publication Date 07 Sep 2017

Binding Paperback

ISBN 9780008252007

RRP £7.99


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Search Results Summary
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