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1. Identity: Contemporary Identity Politics and the Struggle for Recognition by Francis Fukuyama

Publisher Profile Books

Publication Date 04 Oct 2018

Binding Hardcover

ISBN 9781781259801

RRP £16.99


2. The Last Girl: My Story of Captivity and My Fight Against the Islamic State by Nadia Murad

Publisher Virago

Publication Date 23 Aug 2018

Binding Paperback

ISBN 9780349009773

RRP £9.99


3. Reaper Force: Inside Britain's Drone Wars by Peter Lee

Publisher John Blake

Publication Date 04 Oct 2018

Binding Hardcover

ISBN 9781786069641

RRP £18.99


4. A Broken Dream: Rule of Law, Human Rights and Democracy by Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha

Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Publication Date 26 Sep 2018

Binding Paperback

ISBN 9781727420937

RRP £14.57


5. Nine Lives: My Time As MI6's Top Spy Inside al-Qaeda by Aimen Dean

Publisher Oneworld Publications

Publication Date 07 Jun 2018

Binding Hardcover

ISBN 9781786073280

RRP £18.99


6. The Road to Unfreedom: Russia, Europe, America by Timothy Snyder

Publisher Bodley Head

Publication Date 05 Apr 2018

Binding Hardcover

ISBN 9781847925268

RRP £25.00


7. LikeWar: The Weaponization of Social Media by P W Singer

Publisher Eamon Dolan/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Publication Date 02 Oct 2018

Binding Hardcover

ISBN 9781328695741

RRP £21.50


8. Yemen in Crisis: Autocracy, Neo-Liberalism and the Disintegration of a State by Helen Lackner

Publisher Verso

Publication Date 09 Jul 2019

Binding Paperback

ISBN 9781788735537

RRP £15.32


9. Wounds: A Memoir of War and Love by Fergal Keane

Publisher William Collins

Publication Date 20 Sep 2018

Binding Paperback

ISBN 9780008189273

RRP £9.99


10. Lockerbie: The Truth by Douglas Boyd

Publisher The History Press

Publication Date 28 Sep 2018

Binding Paperback

ISBN 9780750985772

RRP £20.00


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Search Results Summary
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