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1. Leatherbound Terrorism by Chris Kratzer

Publisher Grace Publishing

Publication Date 18 Sep 2018

Binding Paperback

ISBN 9780692191620

RRP £10.77 Buy From Amazon


2. Complex Battlespaces: The Law of Armed Conflict and the Dynamics of Modern Warfare (The Lieber Studies Series)

Publisher OUP USA

Publication Date 10 Jan 2019

Binding Hardcover

ISBN 9780190915360

RRP £64.00 Buy From Amazon


3. Recognizing a Developing Terrorist: Seeing the Signs in Your Neighborhood, Workplace, or School by Larry C. James Ph.D.

Publisher Praeger Publishers Inc

Publication Date 30 Jun 2019

Binding Hardcover

ISBN 9781440856426

RRP £36.74 Buy From Amazon


4. Lords of the Desert: The Battle Between the United States and Great Britain for Supremacy in the Modern Middle East by James Barr Sir

Publisher Basic Books

Publication Date 11 Sep 2018

Binding Hardcover

ISBN 9780465050635

RRP £26.79 Buy From Amazon


5. Temperature Rising by Nader Uskowi

Publisher Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

Publication Date 04 Oct 2018

Binding Hardcover

ISBN 9781538121726

RRP £52.95 Buy From Amazon


6. Deradicalisation and Terrorist Rehabilitation (Routledge Studies in the Politics of Disorder and Instability) by Sabariah Hussin

Publisher Routledge

Publication Date 04 Oct 2018

Binding Paperback

ISBN 9781138602526

RRP £29.99 Buy From Amazon


7. Community-Focused Counter-Radicalization and Counter-Terrorism Projects: Experiences and Lessons Learned by Kawser Ahmed

Publisher Lexington Books

Publication Date 01 Nov 2018

Binding Hardcover

ISBN 9781498557764

RRP £54.95 Buy From Amazon


8. The Three Pillars of Radicalization: Needs, Narratives, and Networks by Arie W. Kruglanski

Publisher OUP USA

Publication Date 13 Jun 2019

Binding Hardcover

ISBN 9780190851125

RRP £35.99 Buy From Amazon


9. International Terrorism: Nature, causes & resolutions by Hannah Young

Publisher Independently published

Publication Date 30 Dec 2018

Binding Paperback

ISBN 9781792911040

RRP £9.99 Buy From Amazon


10. Say Nothing: A True Story Of Murder and Memory In Northern Ireland by Patrick Radden Keefe

Publisher William Collins

Publication Date 05 Sep 2019

Binding Paperback

ISBN 9780008159269

RRP £9.99 Buy From Amazon


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Search Results Summary
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